TerraTrike Tour Recumbent Trike

Recumbent Bike
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Thе Tour іѕ thе progression οf thе original TerraTrike design developed іn 1996 аnԁ hаѕ bееn refined іntο thе perfect long distance trike. Thе chro-moly frame аnԁ upgraded components mаkе thіѕ thе perfect touring platform thаt allows уου tο find уουr οwn road.

Wіth a standard 27 gears аnԁ slightly lighter set-up, іt allows уου tο pack tents, sleeping gear, аnԁ camping supplies іn optional side panniers οr trunk bags without сrеаtіnɡ аnу instability οr unwanted vibrations. Rock solid аnԁ comfortable fοr thе long haul.

  • Extremely Stable!
  • Linkage Steering
  • 27 Speed Drivetrain
  • Free Assembly
  • Extremely Comfortable – Grеаt Fοr Touring!

TerraTrike Tour Recumbent Trike

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  1. John B. Hansen says:
    16 of 16 people found the following review helpful:
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    A good trike for the money, October 15, 2009
    John B. Hansen

    This review is from: TerraTrike Tour Recumbent Trike (Misc.)

    Owned one of these for three years before upgrading to ICE trike for suspension.

    - Stiff frame transfers power well.
    - The seat is very comfortable. Can ride for long periods without numbness. VERY EASY to adjust!
    - Although low, once you get the flag up, it is much more visible to motorists than you would think. They tend to slow down (to stare I guess).
    - Like most trikes, being so low to the ground, you get the sensation of speed even when you’re not going that fast. I can only describe the reponse as being like riding a go cart. It’s a blast!
    - Fairly light weight for a trike
    - If you mount a rear rack, this thing will carry a tone of stuff (I’ve carried up to 8 grocery bags home on this trike)
    - It’s made by an American company.

    - Bumps and potholes transfer directly to upper spine and neck. Makes you much more aware of the road surface. I needed something with suspension.
    - My TT was a little to unstable for me. I used to ride it pretty fast around turns. Even leaning with the turns, I flipped it twice…my own fault.
    -Don’t know if new model has a front chain tube, but right calf and pants always seemed to get some chain oil on it.
    - Turning radius is a bit wide. I used this trike a lot around town on narrow streets where turning radius is critical. If you use it on open road, it’s not an issue.

    Options I would definitely suggest you get: Fenders, Extra mirror (good to have them on both sides), Rear rack, light-mounting crossbar to fit on front derailer tube.
    I’ve had 4 spinal surgeries and could not take the stiff ride of this trike.
    A stiff, yet comfortable and responsive trike for the money.

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  2. Scott F says:
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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Good trike, good company, November 20, 2009
    Scott F
    This review is from: TerraTrike Tour Recumbent Trike (Misc.)

    I bought one of these in the spring of 2009. I have ridden it to work for about 1400 km this summer and fall so far. It has held up well mechanically, other than requiring the typical adjustments to brakes and shifter cables, the same as any new bike. I had one problem with it, and that is that the aluminum frame of the seat cracked. TerraTrike, the manufacturer, sent me a new one without any hassle, it arrived in a few days, and it was easy to replace myself.

    I am on the large side but this trike can handle 300 lbs including rider and gear, and I have to say that it feels very sturdy and well put together. It handles well, is easy to ride, and is super-comfortable. I can ride it for hours without any back, butt or wrist pain, unlike a regular bicycle. I didn’t bike for years because of a tailbone injury, and on my Tour, I rode to work over 30 times this summer on a route that was two hours and 46 km round trip.

    I test-rode a couple of aluminum-framed trikes, and in comparison, the steel frame of the TerraTrike Tour is much more yielding and less harsh. It doesn’t swallow potholes and huge bumps like a suspended bike would, but it is fairly forgiving.

    Riding it in traffic feels a lot safer than you might imagine. I am from a city that is not recognized as a bike-friendly place. Drivers see the trike and actually notice it more than I think they notice upright bikes. I think it is due to the strange appearance of it on the road. I use lights and reflectors front and back, and I ride it on busy streets without a problem.

    The one downside to it, that prevents me from giving it five stars, is that it gets a bit squirrelly at high speeds. I have ridden it up to 50 km/h according to my gps, but I don’t feel stable at anything over 45. The feeling of stability has increased the more I’ve ridden it though. At first I was scared to go over 30 km/h, so there is a period of getting used to riding fast.

    I think this machine is a lot of value for the money, and now that winter is here I’ll be waiting anxiously to get out on it once the snow melts.

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